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Demo and Audition of Managed Color

Managed Color Separations only use the exact number of inks required to make all the colors of your image or deisgn. Standard CMYK separations typically cannot reproduce vivid colors such as blue skies, blends of color in bright flowers or product logos.

What are the requirements?
Instructions for requesting a quote:
Click for our contact page Contact Please describe your project and indicate if AM or FM screening is being used by your printer. You will receive more information and instructions by email.
Initial quotes are produced from low resolution (72 dpi). If the quote is acceptable you will be sent a drop box link to send the full resolution design and artwork files.
You will receive the processed files which your printer can produce a prepress proof of the Managed Color Spectral Separations before printing.
Please send any additional questions. We are looking forward to working with you.

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